Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping Cart

Periodically studies come out about shopping cart abandonment.  Shopping cart abandonment is when people start to buy from an online store and then leave the site before they complete the checkout process. The percentage of customers that abandon their carts during the buy process was calculated to be 63.83% by the Baymard Institute.  It’s a really discouraging fact of life for people selling things online.

Take a look at this study of  the issue.  Some of the top reasons for the behavior are high shipping costs, customers aren’t ready to buy, the customer was just checking prices and the prices are too high.   There are many other reasons for cart abandonment including a complicated buy process and forcing people to register for accounts before making a purchase.

One of my customers took this data to heart.  We worked together to make some changes to her Zen Cart shopping cart.  She added a plugin from that cuts down on the steps in the checkout process.  The plugin also added the option of checking out without an account.  It’s early days and her sales are small, but the changes seem to be working.  From the first to the 15 of this month she had two sales from her online store.  The plugin was installed on the 16th.  From the 17th through the 25th she’s had five sales!   That’s over a 100% increase and the month isn’t over yet.

OK, statistically this isn’t a big enough study to come to any conclusions.  Just don’t tell that to my customer.  She’s one happy online business owner!

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