Working With WordPress – Selecting a Theme


The latest version of the book I co-authored on working with WordPress is almost ready to be released.  How to Make Money Blogging From Home is in final stages of being edited.  Lissa, the editor, noticed this sentence that I wrote in the section about picking out WordPress themes.

Other organizations make WordPress templates, but is the best and safest place to get your first theme.

Why safest? This word jumps out at me and probably will do so for readers too. Thanks, Lissa

Excellent question!  Here’s the scoop.  Themes that are available for download at  have gone through a review process.   You can also read the comments that users have left about themes.  People are not shy about discussing the  problems that they’ve had with themes.

Downloading free themes from other sites is a whole other ball game.  I have seen free WordPress themes offered that:

  • Contain malware
  • Place their own ads at the bottom of pages
  • Are badly coded so that they don’t work correctly
  • Use old code that’s not compatible with newer plugins

That’s not to say that is the only good place to get themes.  There are a number of reputable companies that sell themes, but until you know what you’re doing I’d recommend just using the themes at

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