The Buzz About Chrome

Google Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer,” was big news last week.  But what does that mean for you?  Heck, what does it even mean at all?

Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Safari and Chrome are all examples of website browsers.  A browser is software used to view website pages.   (If you aren’t quite sure which browser you’re using, this site will tell you.)  For years  IE has been the most popular browser.  While it’s still the most popular browser used in the United States, last week Chrome became the most popular browser used throughout the entire world.

Why do you care?  Your website can actually look different when viewed in a different browser.  (Different screen sizes, operating systems and other things can also affect how your site is seen.)  In the past I’ve tested my customers’ websites in IE and Firefox.  Starting today I’ll be testing with Chrome as well.

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