What’s Covered in Blogging Lessons?


I make a lot of WordPress websites and blogs.  As a part of that I give new website or blog owners WordPress lessons.  These are done one-on-one over the telephone.  Earlier today I gave a client a blogging lesson.  Here’s what we covered:

  • How to make a post or page
    • Inserting a link
    • Inserting a picture
    • Scheduling posts in advance
    • What is the dreaded kitchen sink
    • Editing existing post or pages
    • How to revert to an older version of the page or post
    • Visual view vs. HTML view
    • Categories and tags
  • Comments
    • What are spam comments
    • Akismet plugin to prevent spam comments
  • How to drive traffic to blog
    • Blog once or twice a week
    • Read other blogs in your area
    • Leave comments on other blogs
    • Track results

Depending on the customer’s situation we may need to cover optional topics like:

  • Adding users
  • Editing photos with WordPress
  • Working with the theme

Today, as is typical, I finished the session feeling jazzed.  The client did too.  Learning how to blog and maintain a website with WordPress is empowering!  WordPress coaching is truly  a fantastic part of my job.

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