Have You Been Pinned?


Pinterest is the next big thing in social media.  It’s like an online file folder for all those interesting articles, crafts, recipes and sites that you find on the web.  You go to your Pinterest account, create categories called “boards” and then pin website or blog pages to the appropriate category.  (You can learn more about Pinterest from their Pinning 101 page.)  People can follow you so that they can see all the cool sites that you’ve found.

As a website owner you want to be pinned!  Just like with other forms of social media, it’s a way for your website visitors to help spread the word about your site.

How can you tell if your site has been pinned?  You use this link:

For example, here’s the link to see how many people have pinned my BreadMachineDiva.com website:

As you can see, the chances of your being pinned are much greater if your blog or website has photos.  It’s also easy to see at a glance the favorite content of a site.  Be sure to take a look at the name of the board associated with your pin.  It can give you insight as to how your visitors use your site’s information.


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