WordPress Update – 3.5


Yesterday WordPress 3.5 was released.  The below video points out some of its features.  I just installed it and I already like the easy-to-read dashboard.   And just wait until you add images from the media gallery!  I find it a much better interface.

Don’t Forget the Backup

I did some investigation to see if people are having issues with this update.  All I can see are isolated reports of problems. So go ahead and update, but make sure that you backup your site first.

To backup your website or blog you’ll need a plugin.  I recommend WP-DB-Backup.  Once the plugin is installed, click on Tools > Backup.  In the Backup Options section click on “Download to your computer”.  Then click on “Backup now!”   You’ll see something like the below.

When it’s done, just download the backup to your computer.  Think of it like insurance for your blog.  The backups are handy to have just in case the upgrade fails or in case your blog gets hacked.

Once you have your backup, follow the instructions on the WordPress dashboard for updating the software.

Problems After the Backup?

Most of the time the backup will literally take about two minutes and there will be no issues at all.  In those few instances were there are problems, this is what I do . . . .

If the issues are so bad that you’re embarrassed to have people look at your site then use the maintenance mode plugin. When the plugin is turned on, people see a customizable splash screen saying that the site is down for maintenance.  However once you log into your dashboard you’ll be able to see the site without the splash screen.  This will allow you to work behind the scene to fix any problems.

To troubleshoot upgrade issues I first:

  • Disable plugins one at a time to see if that clears the issue.  If I find that a plugin is incompatible with a WordPress upgrade then I check to see if there’s an update for the plugin.  If there isn’t, I email the developer of the plugin and ask for help.  If that doesn’t work then I look for a different plugin to use.
  • If the plugins aren’t causing the problem then the next issue to look at is the WordPress theme.  Try switching to another theme to see if the problem goes away. If it does then check for a theme update.

You can also have me look at the issue.  Feel free to contact me if you have problems after a WordPress upgrade.

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