Three Easy Ways to Keep Your WordPress Site Safe


It’s sad to say, but hackers are a reality of existence for website owners. They use automated systems to attempt to gain access to WordPress control panels and look for outdated software that can be exploited. Luckily there are some things you can do to help keep the bad guys at bay.

1 – Keep your WordPress software, themes and plugins current. This blog features updating links and hints. If that seems too complicated or maybe you don’t have enough time to do the updates, then consider my quarterly update service.

2 – Still using admin? Hackers trying to login to your WordPress dashboard will use admin more than any other username. So if you’re still using admin as your login, it’s time to make a change. Seriously. If you’re still using admin as a WordPress username, change it today.

3 – Use a WordPress security plugin. I’ve been impressed with the Limited Login Attempts plugin. It limits the number of times that an individual (or a hacker) can try to login to the WordPress dashboard. The system is fully automated and highly customizable. You can specify the number of failed attempts to allow before a lockout and even change the lockout time.

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