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Shopping CartI’ve done a lot of work with over the years.  They have great technical support.  I love their newsletter system.  In general, the cart works great.

Did you notice the “in general”? is doing something that has me pulling my hair.  It’s their mobile buy flow.  For customers using PayPal Payments Pro as their gateway, the mobile buy flow doesn’t allow people to buy with PayPal.  (???) says it’s PayPal’s fault.  I haven’t checked with PayPal, but I imagine they’d have a different story.  At any rate, the mobile buy flow won’t allow people to pay with PayPal.  That’s a big deal for some of my customers.  It turns out the visitors to their online stores buy a lot of things on eBay.  That means that the buyers expect to be able to buy with PayPal.  So’s mobile buy flow is out.

That leaves us with the desktop or “regular” buy flow.  You’d expect that the biggest problem with that would be that the buy pages don’t look right on mobile browsers.  You would be incorrect.  The biggest problem with’s buy flow when accessed via mobile devices is that it doesn’t work for Droid devices using Chrome.  Instead of seeing website pages you get an error message complaining about the state of your JavaScript permissions.  The error message is displayed no matter how your JavaScript permissions are set.  The problem, in fact, has nothing to do with JavaScript.  The problem is that their buy flow doesn’t work for Droid devices using Chrome.

I notified about this months ago.  They’ve started a trouble ticket, but it doesn’t seem to have a very high priority.  In the meantime my client is between a rock and a hard place. does a great job most of the time but not in this case. My customer is forced to chose between losing buys because of payment method or losing buys because of website accessibility.

If you’re a customer of and are dealing with this issue please contact them.  One of the reasons that this issue isn’t being addressed promptly is because they don’t think many customers are affected by the issue.  At this point, even getting a better error message would be a big help.


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  1. Hi There,

    I’m a Product Manager at I saw your blog post about the 1SC mobile checkout and PayPal and wanted to tell you that this is an important item for us and we expect to have a solution released in October that will allow you to start using the mobile checkout with any version of PayPal.

    Please feel free to reach out directly to me or share more ideas at our user voice forum


    Justin Bell
    Director, Product Strategy at 1ShoppingCart

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