Last week WordPress 3.6 came out.  It has some cool new features like the ability to easily embed videos and audio files.  Here’s the scoop from WordPress:

Because WordPress 3.6 is a more complicated update  than the last few we’ve seen, I wanted to spend more time investigating it before I wrote about it.  Over the last few days I’ve updated three sites, talked with others that have made the change and have watched the Internet for problems.  I’ve seen very few issues.  So I’m recommending that people make a backup and then  upgrade.

Backing Up WordPress

I use WP-DB-Backup to backup the posts, pages and comments.  For folks that are more technical, you can use phpMyAdmin to make the backup.  Also for the more technical folks, I recommend downloading a backup of the wp-content file folder via FTP.

After the Update

Take a look at your site.  Do the sidebars still look the same?  Is your navigation bar working?  If you have a contact form, fill it out and make sure you get the email.

If something breaks you an contact the plugin or theme maker to see if they have a fix.  If that doesn’t work you can always contact me.

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