Changes Coming to Mobile Buy Flow at

Shopping CartLast month I wrote about problems with the mobile buy flow at  You can read the whole article here, but in general there are two problems.

  1. For customers using PayPal Payments Pro as their gateway, the mobile buy flow doesn’t allow people to buy with PayPal.
  2. The buy flow doesn’t work for Droid devices using Chrome.

I received a comment from Justin Bell of in response to my post.  In part it says . . .

I’m a Product Manager at I saw your blog post about the 1SC mobile checkout and PayPal and wanted to tell you that this is an important item for us and we expect to have a solution released in October that will allow you to start using the mobile checkout with any version of PayPal.

While the Chrome issue wasn’t addressed, it looks as though we can look forward to some improvement in the functionality of the mobile buy pages.

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