Here’s the Scoop on 3.7.1 Deployment


I was dismayed when I logged onto my blog today.  I received a message saying WordPress 3.7.1 is available and the system asked me to update.  But wait!  Wasn’t the big feature of 3.7 automatic updating?

So here’s the scoop from, Dion Hulse, a WordPress Developer,

Background Updates are only installed at 7am/7pm, times designed to be when you’re hopefully not writing a post (unfortunately you’ll get locked out for a few seconds). . . . So if you wait until the next 7pm/7am timeslot (Based on your Timezone specified in Settings -> General) it’ll happen automatically.

When your WordPress install attempts to update, it’ll email you if it succeeds, and in the unlikely event it realises it can’t do it for you, it’ll also let you know and ask you to do it manually (by clicking the button).

This all makes sense, but it would have been good to know earlier.

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