The Scoop – WordPress 4.0, Mobile Websites and More

The last few months have been a real whirlwind.  Here’s the scoop . . . .

WordPress 4.0

Last month WordPress 4.0, otherwise known as Benny, came out. I’ve been using it and have seen no problems.  As always, be sure to backup everything before you update.

Website Redo and WordPress Page Builder

I’ve been helping a client redesign her site and migrate it to WordPress.  One of the plugins I’m using is the Page Builder by SiteOrigin. It’s allowing me to make grids for individual pages and insert widgets into the grids.  It gives me the freedom to easily create complicated page layouts.

New Website and the Weaver II Theme

I created a new website for the upcoming book of another client.  I used the professional version of the Weaver II theme.  I love the Per Page Widget functionality.  This allows me to easily set up different sidebars for different pages.  Sweet!

Website Hack

Last, but not least, a customer’s websites was hacked.  The site is running WordPress and aMember software.  The hackers were able to implant 3 directories that contained database-driven programs to sell pharmaceuticals. That’s the scary part.  The good news is that:

  • The WordPress installation was not compromised.  The customer subscribes to my maintenance service.  So their software, plugins and themes were current.  Also, I’d installed two security plugins that helped keep the bad guys out.
  • The aMember installation was not compromised.
  • The fix was relatively painless.  The bad files were deleted.  Passwords were updated.  The host made some changes to the server.  That’s it.

How did the hacker get into the site?  As with many hacks, we’ll never know.  If I had to guess, I’d say that one of the other accounts on the shared server was breached.  That enabled the hacker to install software on all the other accounts on the server.  The website host isn’t confirming this, but that’s what I’d guess.

The Future?

I’m working with some amazing new clients.  I’m also working on some how-to blog posts to help you better work with WordPress and some of my favorite plugins.  It’ll be fun!

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