Graphene Theme Update and Shortcodes

Graphene ShortcodesOne of my favorite WordPress themes is Graphene. It’s easy to use, has a home page slideshow and is extremely flexible. There are ways to edit the CSS. It enables you to create custom action hook widets. You can also update the header image, change colors, add custom code to the header and tons more.

Another feature enables you to make custom message blocks with shortcodes. Shortcodes are WordPress-specific codes that lets you do fun things with very little effort. You can use shortcodes to embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated, scary code in just one line. For example, see this nifty warning box I was able to create on a bread machine recipe blog:

Graphene theme shortcode

However the folks at WordPress have decided that shortcodes should be used with plugins and not with themes. To be WordPress compliant, Graphene removed the shortcode functionality that made message blocks. Starting with Graphene 1.9.4 the above now looks like this:

Problem with Graphene

Not to worry though, the folks at Graphene have a fix. If WordPress says that shortcodes should be in plugins, then the obvious answer is to make a plugin especially for the Graphene theme. That’s what they’ve done and you can download the Graphene shortcode plugin from the theme’s website. It works like a charm and the message blocks are looking great again.

If you’re updating your Graphene WordPress theme and you’ve used the shortcodes, be sure to add the Graphene plugin to your site.

You can use the above link to get the plugin or Graphene itself will provide you with a link.  To see it  got to Appearance >  Graphene Options after the theme is updated.  The link to the plugin will be at the top of the page.  Download the file to your computer. Then upload it into your system by clicking on Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and then selecting the zip file from your computer.

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