Adding WooCommerce Product Categories to Custom Menus

A few weeks ago I received an email from a customer named Travis.  He’s got an online store powered by the WooCommerce plugin.  The store has been up and running for months.  However Travis recently had a problem adding product categories to the store’s custom menu.

WordPress Custom Menus and WooCommerce

If you’re unfamiliar with WordPress custom menus, it’s a way that you can make your own menus using WordPress pages, WordPress categories, blog posts and even links to other sites.  You can learn more about WordPress custom menus here.

Travis is familiar with how custom menus work.  So he knew there should be a way to add product categories. But the categories just weren’t there. Here’s a screenshot that he sent me.

WooCommerce Menu

At first I was stumped too.  Where had they gone?  I did some digging and discovered the problem.

Solution Found: Screen Options

When you’re logged into your site’s dashboard you’ll see the screen options control at the top right of the page.

Screen Options

Once you click on that you’ll see choices for what can be displayed on the current page of the dashboard.  In this case it also showed what items could be showed as menu options.  There it was product categories.

Product Categories

I checked the box and Travis was good to go.


  1. Thanks for sharing your solution.

  2. Der, thanks loads. I’m a very seasoned wp gal but was frustrated by not seeing the product categories in the menus. Thanks for pointing out the obvious, which even to us oldtimers is not so obvious sometimes. 😉

  3. Thanks, I was looking for this option. but couldn’t find it. it saves a lots of time. else i have to add categories manually using custom links. keep it up bro.

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