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aMember HelpaMember is software used to create and manage membership sites. The software will act as a shopping cart for membership payments, automatically handle membership expirations and protect member areas. I’ve done custom programming on four different websites using aMember. Most recently I helped one of those sites upgrade their aMember software.

While aMember is easy to use and feature-packed software, the update process can be a little intense. Here’s what we did on the recent software update. In this case we updated a customer from aMember 4.4.4 to 4.5.1.

The Update Service Included:

  • backed up the aMember software directory
  • backup of the database from the aMember control panel
  • downloaded the upgrade pack
  • verified that none of the files used in custom programming and plugins were in the upgrade pack
  • took screenshots of some aMember pages to be used as comparisons against the pages post-update
  • uploaded the upgrade pack
  • ran the upgrade database script
  • compared the screenshots with the actual pages after the update

If you’d like a bid on an aMember update or custom aMember coding then contact us. We’d be glad to help.

photo credit: Someone Who Can Help via photopin (license)

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