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Today I did a WordPress website update for a customer.  It’s a quarterly service that’s quite popular with my customers.

If you’re wondering what it’s like, here’s an edited version of the email I sent the customer after the update.

I did your first quarterly update today.  I usually break the update notes into two sections.  One area has important items. Be sure to look at those. The other section has the boring details. I’ll refer back to this section the next time I update your site.

So here we go . . .


  •  I updated the plugin that powers your contact form.  The page looks fine, but you should try the form just to make sure it still works.

The Details:

  • I started by backing up the website files and the database.
  • I looked at the number of lockouts since the last time I worked on your site.  Only 116.  Believe it or not, that’s not bad at all.  However I did notice a few repeat offenders.  (One IP had been locked out 6 times.) So I added the IP Filter plugin.  That will prevent certain IPs from even seeing your site.  I blocked 4 IPs that had been locked out a lot of times or were more creative in their attempts to guess your WordPress user name.
  • I updated the Sucuri plugin.  Then I did a malware scan.  No malware was found.  As Sucuri recommended, I deleted a readme file that was leaking the WordPress version.
  • I updated two WordPress default themes
  • I updated six WordPress plugins
  • I updated WordPress to 4.1
  • I checked out the site on my cell phone and laptop.  It looks great.

And I think that’s it for today.  Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.  Unless I hear differently I’ll plan on updating your site in another three months.

If you’re interested in having this service for your website then contact us.

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