WordPress Website: What Plugins Are You Using?

WordPress Websites

Starting in 2015 every WordPress website or blog from Perry Internet Consulting comes with a list of plugins used on the site.  This makes it easy for website owners to know what piece of software performs each function.

Here’s a partial list for a new website that launched today:

  • Advanced Image Styles – Lets you add padding and borders to photos in your pages and posts
  • Fast Secure Contact Form – This powers the contact form
  • Limit Login Attempts – This keeps out hackers who try to guess the logins for your WordPress dashboard.
  • Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam – Helps fight comment spam. 
  • Post Types Order – Installed to help order items in your services area
  • Widget Importer & Exporter – I’ve just used this to export a record of all your widgets.
  • WordPress Database Backup – I use this to backup all the database files

Do you need a WordPress website or blog? If so, contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

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