Is WordPress 3.8.10 Current?


One of my customers just emailed me asking if her WordPress installation really needed updating.  She’d just received an email that her installation had self-updated to WordPress 3.8.10. So she was current.

Not so much.

The folks at WordPress are making updates to prior versions of the software for security concerns.  It’s not that 3.8.10 is the most current version of the software.  It’s more like, “Oh my gosh!  There are still people with WordPress 3.8 and it’s got some serious safety issues.  I know we’ve just updated 4.2.4, but we’ve got to do something for those people running old software.“

If older versions of WordPress are being updated why should you update to the latest and greatest version?

  • While the most serious safety concerns are addressed in 3.8.10 there’s no guarantee that all safety concerns are addressed or that the 3.8 version of the software will continue to be supported.
  • Themes and plugins are designed to run on the most current version of WordPress.  In order to have things run smoothly on WordPress 3.8 systems it may be tempting to not update anything.  That leaves your system open to bugs and security issues.

Do yourself a favor, and update your WordPress software, plugins and themes.

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