Visual Editor Not Working After WordPress Upgrade

After working on one of my WordPress blogs I noticed an issue.  I could no longer select my visual editor.  I could see the visual editor tab.  I could edit my posts with the text editor, but I couldn’t select the visual editor.

I’d just done the update to WordPress 4.4 so I thought that was the problem.  At this point there’s no way to know for sure, but I might have had this problem earlier if I would have used the Sucuri WordPress plugin to harden the wp-includes directory.  That was one of the changes I made to my site over the weekend and that’s what caused the problem.

After reversing the hardening, the visual editor works fine.  To reverse the hardening, log into your WordPress dashboard.  Select Sucuri Security and then the hardening tab.  Scroll down until you see Restrict wp-includes access and then click on Revert Hardening.

Revert Hardening

I’ve hardened the wp-includes directory on most of my WordPress installations. It hasn’t caused a problem before, but it didn’t work for this site.

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