Book Publishing on Amazon

Amazon has some tools to help you publish your book in Kindle or print format. Their process and technical know-how makes it really easy to sell your book online.

I took a look into the issue and found some pros and cons to publishing with Amazon.

Book Publishing on AmazonPros to Publishing on Amazon

  • You don’t need an agent or a book publisher. No more exhaustive search to find publishing partners.
  • Amazon has a huge customer base and sells tons of books. Just ask Hugh Howey, the author of Wool.  Howey self-published on Amazon and went from having a series of low-paying jobs to earning over $100,000 a month in book sales.  His book has been film optioned and he now as a publishing deal with Simon & Schuster.
  • It’s really fast.  It can be just days between you uploading your book and book sales.

Cons to Publishing on Amazon

  • Traditional publishing comes with some perks, like copy editing. Consider getting a copy editor or having a team of friends proof your book.  You don’t want to read book reviews that lament your book’s lack of editing.
  • You might also want to hire a graphic designer to make a professional-looking cover design.
  • You’re the boss and that means you’re in charge of book promotion and marketing.  And marketing might be more difficult because the people that buy your book aren’t your customers, they’re Amazon’s customers. In order to let readers know about your next book you’ll need to do some extra work to have them join your newsletter or like your Facebook page.

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