Auto Rewals – The Good and The Bad

auto renewalI learned an important lesson about auto renewals recently. I had a subscription to Hallmark’s eCard service. For $12 a year I could send eCards to friends and family. I hadn’t used the service in quite some time.  I’d actually forgotten all about it … until I saw my credit card had been charged $18!!! There was no courtesy reminder that my account was going to auto renew.  There was no notice about the 50% price increase. Lesson learned! I’m going to make a list of all my auto renews and I’m going to think twice before I sign up for another one.

That being said, there are some services that I will continue to auto renew. That’s my domain name registration and website hosting. Several times a year I’m contacted by customers saying, “My website is down! I don’t know what happened!!” Frequently the answer is that their hosting or domain name registration expired. Sometimes the customer changed their email address so they didn’t get the reminder notices. Sometimes people received the reminder notices but didn’t understand what the email was about.

I’m going to treat auto renewals with caution, except when it comes to my website. For hosting and domain name registration auto renewals make a lot of sense!

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