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GoDaddyYesterday I got a call from a prospective customer who we’ll call “Sam”. Sam told me about how he lost control of five websites hosted with GoDaddy. A hacker broke into Sam’s GoDaddy account and changed all the logins including the WordPress and FTP logins. When Sam realized there was a problem he contacted GoDaddy to try and get his sites back. Since he couldn’t provide current login information he had a heck of a time proving he was the account owner. Sam has now retaken control of his GoDaddy account and is trying to get his websites back up and running.

Sam told me he wished he’d used GoDaddy’s Two-Factor Authentication feature. With that feature the account owner has to enter a code texted to them every time they log into their GoDaddy account. The hacker wouldn’t have been able to make any changes to Sam’s account even though he had the account password. Obviously this isn’t a good option for someone who logs into the GoDaddy control panel frequently or for accounts with multiple users. However if you’re the only point of contact for the GoDaddy account and you don’t log into the site frequently, this could be a good option.

If you want to set up GoDaddy’s two-factor authentication click here for instructions.


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