WordPress 101 – How to Schedule Posts

How to Schedule a WordPress PostWordPress 101:  Because WordPress is really easy to use, once you know how.

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WordPress 101 – How to Schedule Posts

One of the great features of WordPress is the ability to write posts in advance and schedule them to be published later.  How handy is that?  Here’s how you do it:

Log into your dashboard and start a WordPress post. When you’re done writing the post instead of publishing it, I want you to look to the right of the editing area.  Do you see the Publish block?

Publish Post

Note the line that says Publish immediately. That’s your ticket to being able to schedule content to publish at a later date!  Click on the edit after Publish immediately and a scheduler appears.

Select Publishing Date

Select the date and time that you’d like your post to be published.  Then click the Publish button.

Scheduled to publish

Your blog post is now scheduled and will be published on the day and time that you specified.

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