aMember Update – Still Using aMember 3? Here’s Why You Should Update!

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I’ve been working with aMember software for years. It’s a dependable system for managing membership sites. The software acts as a shopping cart for payments as well as protecting members-only content.

The current version of aMember is 5.1.3. However, I’m seeing people still using aMember 3. I strongly urge anyone still using aMember 3 to update to aMember 5.

  • aMember 3 is no longer supported by the software manufacturers. This is especially concerning if the system gets hacked.
  • Many aMember 3 systems also use WordPress software. Both aMember and WordPress use PHP (a scripting language) and MySQL (a database).  However, the two systems need different versions of PHP and MySQL.  With a little creativity both software systems can still run on the same server, but there’s no telling how long that trick will continue to work.
  • aMember 5 has new features and is much easier to use. Test it out for yourself by signing up for a free demo.

While updating aMember 3 is recommend, it’s not a simple move. The problem is that the database structure and a lot of other things changed starting in aMember 4.

Here’s a list of items to consider when upgrading from aMember 3 to aMember 5:

  • Because the database structure is different, all custom coding will need to be redone.
  • Admins not imported
  • Emails are not imported, including welcome and expiry notices.
  • I’ve used aMember’s migration service to help with all the sites I’ve migrated. It saves time and money, but there’s one data field that hasn’t been moved correctly in the first go-round on any of the migrations I’ve worked on. I get it in the end, but there’s some back and forth. So be sure to do data validity testing.

Here’s how I’ve helped customers make the move to aMember 5:

  • System backups in case there are any problems
  • Replicating custom coding
  • System testing
  • Recreating admin accounts
  • Recreating welcome and expiry emails
  • Project planning to keep data loss at a minimum

If you’re using aMember 3 and would like help with the migration to aMember 5 feel free to contact me.

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