Working With DreamHost

Working with DreamHostI’ve got several customers with DreamHost. As I’ve said before, DreamHost is not very dreamy.  Why?  Let’s start with their lack of telephone support. They now have live chat, but that’s not enough.  I don’t recommend using a website host that doesn’t offer telephone support.  Secondly, DreamHost has one of the least user-friendly control panels I’ve ever seen.

I spent some time today gathering information about one of my client’s accounts. It was a hair-pulling experience!  To save you some time and trouble, here are some helpful hints for working with DreamHost.

Finding Your Data Center on DreamHost

When I logged into my client’s account there was a message about some maintenance going on for one of the DreamHost data centers.  Ideally the warning would only be shown to customers affected by the outage, but I wanted to check.

To find out what Data Center your DreamHost website uses, log into your web hosting control panel.  Then look on the left navigation column for Support.  Click on that and then Data Centers. Note that your email may use one data center and your website may use another.

DreamHost Data Center

Finding phpMyAdmin on DreamHost

To find phpMyAdmin for an existing DreamHost database, log into your web hosting control panel. Click on Goodies (Goodies??) in the left navigation column. Then select MySQL Databases.

First, find the database you’re working on.  Note the users for that database. You’ll need to have a user and password to log into phpMyAdmin.  If you don’t have the password you might be able to FTP into the site and find a config file associated with the database.  The config file will have the user and password.

Then, look toward the top of the page in the Hostname section.

DreamHost phpMyAdmin

Click on the phpMyAdmin link and enter the username and password for the database you want to work on.  Don’t make any changes to the MySQL Hostname field.  Press Go and you’ll be logged into phpMyAdmin.

So What Host Do I Recommend?

I’ve started working with SiteGround in the last year and I couldn’t be happier. They have email, chat and telephone support. SiteGround uses the cPanel control panel. Their servers are fast and stable. Love them!!

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