Preparing for PHP 7? SiteGround Can Help!


I’ve moved most of my sites to SiteGround Hosting and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s one reason why I recommend them . . .

As part of their system for making WordPress sites run faster they’ve developed the SG Optimizer plugin. (Note: This plugin only works on sites using SiteGround.) It’s a caching plugin. No big deal, right? Wrong! It has a cool feature that helps you determine if your site can run on PHP 7.0.

Let’s take a step back for a second. As you may know, PHP is a scripting language. Version 7.0 has been designed to help sites using it run faster. Sites that run faster do better with SEO and get more page views. So of course it would be great if your WordPress site used PHP 7.0.

The problem with PHP 7.0 is that it’s retired some bits of code used in previous versions of PHP. That means that not all WordPress plugins and themes work with PHP 7.0. How do you know if your site is using any of that old code? The answer is that the SG Optimizer plugin will tell you.

If you’re not already using PHP 7.0 the SG Optimizer plugin will still work. However, it will give you a warning message saying that it recommends PHP 7.0. If you click for more details you see the below screen.

Checking PHP Version
Click to see larger version

Note the Check PHP 7.0 Compatibility¬†button. Click on that and SG Optimizer will go through all the code for your theme and plugins looking for things that won’t work with PHP 7.0. Once the plugin is done with its analysis, it gives you a list of any problems that it finds.

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