Here’s the scoop on WordPress 4.8; there aren’t as many problems as I’d feared, but there are more than WordPress would lead you to believe.

The good news is that I haven’t seen many problems with updates. There are also some fun features in WordPress 4.8 like the addition of a visual editor for the text widget.

If you were to believe the WordPress Master list of issues with 4.8 (a usually reliable source of information) you’d think there were no problems. However I found a report at TemplateToaster on WordPress 4.8 that has a more accurate description of the situation. Here are the three biggest issues:

  • People are reporting problems with the Contact Form 7 plugin
  • While the addition of a visual editor to the text widget is VERY helpful, there are times when the new editor is stripping out JavaScript and other code from the widget contents. (Here’s a fix for that.)
  • There have been some problems reported with the main visual editor after the update

My advice at this time is to:

  • Back up your site’s database and files
  • Update to WordPress 4.8
  • Test your system including testing the contact form, inspect your sidebars to make sure they look right and edit a post to test the visual editor. Lastly, make sure that you can log in and out of the dashboard.

If you have any problems after the update, check out my WordPress Tips and Update Guide. You can also contact me. I’m always happy to help.

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