Report from WordPress Land – March 30th Edition

WordPress Land

I’ve had an interesting few weeks.  Just when I get a handle on one issue, another one pops up.

Most of the issues affect contact forms.  I have notes on the specifics below, but no matter what, it’s always a good idea to test your contact form on a regular basis.

SiteGround Hosting – I haven’t given up on SiteGround, but I’ve had some issues and was very surprised that technical support was not at all helpful.

  • If you use SiteGround, test your contact form. I’ve had contact forms that have been in place for over a year suddenly stop working.  SiteGround has not been helpful regarding this issue. It seems that adding a SMTP plugin may help.
  • I’ve noticed an intermittent speed issue as I FTP files.  Sometimes moving the smallest file or trying to view the directory structure will take ages.  Again, SiteGround has not been helpful regarding this issue.

Cerber Security & Antispam – This is one of the best security plugins I’ve ever seen.  However, I’ve noticed some problems over the last few weeks.

  • If you use Cerber, test your contact form.  I’ve seen the plugin prevent contact forms from working.
  • I recently wrote about the problem with Cerber ignoring redirects.  The plugin does have a setting to fix this, but it doesn’t work.  I’ll test it again on the next version of Cerber.
  • I’ve been locked out of sites as I log out of WordPress.

Caldera Forms – This is now my email form plugin of choice.  It’s dependable, easy to work with and has a ton of options.

  • If you use Caldera, make sure that your contact page is not being cached. It turns out that if you have caching on your site you should NOT cache a contact page using Caldera as that could cause errors.
  • The current version of Caldera Forms is 1.6.  When version 1.7 is released it will require PHP 5.6 or above in order to function.   Version 1.7 is projected to be released in May of 2018.

In other news, I’m kind of a best selling author.  Guess what Amazon’s number one new release in content management books is?  It’s my WordPress Owner’s Manual 2018.


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