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In the past I recommended that clients use the Fast Secure Contact Form on their WordPress sites. I also used the Contact Form DB plugin to back up the contact form submissions. Those plugins are no longer available on

I’m now recommending the Caldera Forms plugin for contact forms.


The free software is well supported and has a built-in autoresponder. It also backs up the form submissions so it replaces both plugins.

Once the plugin is installed, you can easily see all the form submission. Just go to the dashboard. Click on Caldera Forms on the left. Links for your contact forms will appear in the middle of the page. Hover over the contact form name and then you’ll see the link to view the contact form entries.

Caldera Form Entries

There are a few things to be aware of with the Caldera plugin.

Starting with version 2 of the plugin, it will require PHP 7. The current plugin is version 1.6.1 and there’s no set release date for version 2 of Caldera. So if your website has custom programing that prevents you from updating to PHP 7, this is not the plugin for you.

If you’re using a caching plugin you need to exclude the contact form. If not, visitors to your site will sometimes get an error message saying, Error: Submission rejected, token invalid. Preventing the page from being cached should take care of that problem.

While we’re on the topic of excluding URLs from caching, let’s look at how to do that with the SG Optimizer plugin.

The SG Optimizer plugin is recommended for sites using SiteGround Hosting. It’s the host that I use as well as the host that I recommend to my customers. If you’re using the dynamic caching feature, you’ll need to exclude the contact form.

Here’s how it looks if the dynamic cache feature is turned on:

Dynamic Cache Settings

To prevent the contact page from being cached, log into the dashboard. Click on SG Optimizer on the left. Then configure the SuperCacher. Don’t enter the full URL. Instead enter the part after

For example, here’s how I exclude my contact page from being cached:

SuperCacher for WordPress by SiteGround

Once you’ve updated the exclude list then scroll further down the page to the status checker. There you can see if the page is really excluded from the cache. Ironically, you may have to clear the cache (click on the purge the cache button )to exclude a page from the cache.

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