Report from Website Land – May 18th Edition

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Rough Waters Ahead

WordPress 5 should be coming out sometime this year.  It’s going have a new editor called Gutenberg.  I’m not a fan of Gutenberg and I’ve written about that.  However, we can’t stick our heads in the sand and pretend that change isn’t coming.  So here’s an interesting reference page about Gutenberg.

Have you heard about GDPR?  It’s an EU law on data protection and privacy that goes into effect on May 25th of this year.  Because of the global nature of the Internet, it’s worth paying attention to no matter where you’re located.   Most guides I’ve seen about GDPR are pages of regulations that are not that helpful.  One exception is AWeber’s list of 6 Myths about the GDPR and Email Marketing.  I’ll keep an eye out for other helpful articles.

Security Issues

CreateSpace used for money laundering? Wow! CreateSpace is an Amazon company that makes print-on-demand products. Krebs on Security has an eye-opening article about how people are using CreateSpace in a money laundering scheme.

Have you changed your Twitter password yet?  Earlier this month, Twitter announced that that customers’ passwords were stored in the clear (not encrypted) in an internal log.  They don’t know that the information was accessed inappropriately, but still . . . change your Twitter password.

Cerber Security & Antispam

I use the Cerber security plugin on all of my WordPress sites.  However, I’d had a problem with the traffic inspector portion of the application flagging requests for old URLs as probes for vulnerable PHP code.  That’s no longer an issue.

The problem was fixed by adding a whitelist area to the traffic inspector.  Here’s what I’m using on my site and it’s working perfectly.

Cerber Traffic Inspector

See the official documentation for more details.

Speaking of Cerber, I suggest that you enable the weekly reports.  You’ll be amazed at how many attempts are being made to access your WordPress site.  Here’s part of a recent report from one of my sites.

Cerber Weekly Report

Paperback and Kindle Books Not Linked

Here’s a tip for anyone interested in publishing books on Amazon. Earlier this year I wrote the WordPress Website Owner’s Manual 2018: The Illustrated User’s Guide for WordPress Websites and Blogs.  It’s for sale on Amazon as a Kindle book and as a paperback book.  I noticed that Amazon didn’t realize they were the same book.  The two editions of the book weren’t linked!

I checked on Amazon’s help page to make sure that I’d done everything correctly.  I had.  So I followed their instructions and contacted them.  I thought that I’d be looking at a long wait before anything happened. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Amazon within a couple of hours telling me that the editions of my book were now linked.  Wonderful!

WordPress Owner's Manual

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