Report from Website Land – June 22, 2018

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Google Trends

Google Trends is an amazing asset in doing keyword research. It displays how often search terms were entered over time.  It allows you to look for (and plan for) trends in search term usage.

For example, here are the results for the search term “Charles Dickens”. The big spike is activity in November and December brought about because Dickens is the author of A Christmas Carol.

Charles Dickens

Here’s how things look for the term “tax tips”. This term has multiple peaks.  They occur at the end of the calendar year, the end of January and tax time.

Tax Tips

You can also use the tool to get trends over a longer period of time.  Instagram was launched in October of 2010. Here’s a graph of “how to use Instagram” from 2004 to the present.


As a counterpoint, here’s how the term “how to use Myspace” looks.


Bookmark-Worthy Sites  – Such a time saver if you do any work on graphics!  Enter a word or phrase into this website and then see it displayed using all the fonts available on your computer.

Online Broken Link Checker – I use this site all the time. Enter your URL and it will scan your site looking for broken links.

Online Case Converter – Want to change text so that it’s all upper case, sentence case, lower case or title case. This easy-to-use site will help in all of these instances.

Looking for a New Website Host?

CodeinWP has published the results from their latest survey on WordPress website hosts. I was excited to see that my website host, SiteGround, got good reviews.

Need Help With WordPress?

Just a reminder, I offer WordPress coaching.  WordPress lessons are done one-on-one over the telephone or by Skype. The session usually lasts about an hour.

Another option is to get The WordPress Website Owner’s Manual 2018. The book goes over the items contained in my one-on-one WordPress coaching sessions with clients. It also has information on updating WordPress and picking out plugins.

WordPress Owner's Manual

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