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I offer a WordPress update service.  Every three months I update the client’s WordPress software, plugins and themes.   I have eyes on the site before and after the update.  The service I provide has an attention to detail that you just won’t get with one of those automated update services.

If you’re wondering what it’s like, here’s an update report that I recently sent to a customer.  Note that the report has been lightly edited to protect the customer’s privacy.


I did the quarterly WordPress update on your site today.  There’s a lot to go through with this email.  Let me know if you have any questions or if we should schedule a quick chat.

WordPress Page/Post Editor

Let me know if you have any problem adding or updating any pages.  WordPress is going to totally change the way that pages and posts are updated.  So I’ve added a plugin to keep the same page/post editor.  Things should look and work exactly as they always have.  Let me know if this isn’t the case.

WordPress Software

This section talks all about the upcoming changes to WordPress.  The key takeaway here is that I’ve got this situation in hand and your website will be fine.

As I’ve mentioned, WordPress is going to be making some changes.  It’ll be totally fine and I’ve got a plan for dealing with it.  However the change will be a big one and I wanted to be positive that I’m the one that adds the updated software.  (I want to see your site before and after the update to make sure that nothing breaks.)  So I logged into your website host and turned off automatic updating.

By the time I do your next update the new software should be perfected.  It should be safe for me to update your site with it at that point.  Until then we’ll just use the current version of WordPress.

If you want more details about the changes to WordPress here’s the scoop – https://www.perryweb.com/2018/10/prepare-for-wordpress-5-0/

Your site is now HTTPS

Your website host has a free way to make your site HTTPS.  So I put that in today.  This means that people using Chrome won’t get a “site not secure” message in the URL bar.  It might also give you a small boost in the search engines.  Yay!!

The only thing for you to be aware of here is that you may need to change your Google Analytics or Monster Insight settings to get accurate traffic reports.  On the dashboard there’s a blue button to configure MonsterInsights.  And here’s a link about changes you may need to make to Google Analytics:


Weekly Reports

Cerber, one of your security plugins, is going to start sending you reports every Monday.  Let me know if that’s not OK. 

New Contact Form

The people that made your contact form have gone out of business.  So we needed to find you a new form.  I installed one and I tested it, but you’ll want to test it too.

The new plugin backs up the form submissions.  To see the form submissions, log into WordPress.  Click on Caldera Forms on the left.

email backup

Then hover over the form that you want to look at.  Choices will appear at the bottom of the box.  Click on entries.

email backup

On the next update, I’ll get rid of the old contact form backup plugin.  But I’ve got it there in case you need any of the form submissions.  I do have it turned off though.  Let me know if you need it reactivated.

Update Details:

  • Backed up website files and database
  • Updated theme
  • Updated 7 plugins
  • Added classic editor plugin.  The editor looks good.
  • Scanned for malware.  No malware was found.  Hardened site and then turned off Sucuri to make login faster.
  • Cerber showed me that some of the hackers were trying to access your WP-SpamFree plugin.  It looks like that’s no being updated any longer.  I deleted that and installed Antispam Bee instead.
  • Optimized database.  Took 1.667 MB off the size.
  • Looked at the site in 3 browsers to make sure that it was okay after the update.  Didn’t see any problems.

And that’s it for today.  As always, let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to help.

If you’re interested in having this service for your website then contact us.

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