When It’s Time to Hit the Road, 5 Signs You Need a New Website Host

5 signs you need a new website host

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No website host is perfect. Stuff happens. However, at some point enough is enough. How do you know it’s time to find a new website host? Here are some warning signs that indicate it might be time to hit the road.

1. Site Outage – Unless your site is on a dedicated server you’re going to have a small amount of website downtime. The outages should be minimal and in most cases I’d expect planned outages because of server maintenance. If you find yourself saying, “I can’t believe my site is down again!” it’s time to move on.

2. Site Speed – Do you go to your site and impatiently twiddle your thumbs as you’re waiting for it to load? Do you click on update in WordPress and have time to get yourself a cup of coffee while you’re waiting for your changes to be saved? You’ve got a site speed issue.

There are a number of things you can do to improve your site’s speed. If you’ve tried those and you’re still having issues, the problem might be your website host.

3. Upselling – Let’s assume that you’re a typical website owner. You’re not running 150 sites on one shared account or using ancient software. You’ve got a normal website and expect a normal amount of service.

There’s a problem with the site and you call the website host. But instead of fixing the server trouble, email problem or whatever the issue is . . . you get a sales pitch. “You know on shared hosting things happen. If you want a site that really runs well you should update to one of our VPS accounts.”

Really? You’re already not doing what I’m paying you for, now you want more money?

4. The Big Wait – You know what’s worse than upselling? Waiting on the phone for half an hour or more before you can talk with anyone at all. You’re already behind schedule because of the website problem and then you have to wait ages for any help.

5. Poor Communication – One time a client’s hosting company started caching website pages without letting anyone know about the change. They didn’t even tell their own technical support team about the change. I spent a few hours trying to figure out why pages weren’t updating.

In another nightmare scenario, a client saw their website brought to a standstill by throttling. This was because their host developed CPU limits for how many resources each customer on a shared server could use. Having CPU limits is actually a good idea. The problem was that the host did NOT communicate these limits to customers they just started throttling the sites.

OK, I Do Need a New Website Host. Now What?

If you need a new website host I highly recommend SiteGround.

I’ve been with them for several years and I couldn’t be happier. Their servers are fast and stable, they have 24/7 customer support and they offer some great extras. For example:

Questions? Concerns? Let me know if you need any help moving your website to SiteGround.

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