Marsha Perry of Perry Internet Consulting

Marsha Perry

Perry Internet Consulting was founded in 1998 by Marsha Perry.  She applies her experience as a data analyst for a medical software company and her knowledge as a website developer for AT&T Wireless to her business.

She enjoys turning the technical into something understandable and fun.

In her spare time Marsha enjoys reading and baking.  And how better to celebrate these hobbies than by making more websites?

  • Her love of literature can be seen at  It’s interesting to note that the Dickens website started as a project for Marsha’s first website development class.
  • In between working on websites Marsha makes all of her household’s bread.  You can see her recipes at the website.

Marsha is assisted in her work by a wonderful team of subcontractors. These individuals have skills ranging from graphic design to advanced coding.