Prepare for WordPress 5

Prepare for WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 is scheduled to launch November 19, 2018.   It will be a HUGE change. Why?  WordPress 5 will make the Gutenberg editor the default editor for WordPress. Here’s my plan for preparing for Gutenberg so that your site has no or limited downtime.

WordPress Website Owner's Manual

Content Validation Request from CreateSpace

If you publish a book on CreateSpace and get a content validation request you’ll probably have a lot of questions. I know I did! However, I could never find any official documentation on the process. So here’s what happened to me.


Recommended WordPress Contact Form

In the past I recommended that clients use the Fast Secure Contact Form on their WordPress sites. I also used the Contact Form DB plugin to back up the contact form submissions. Those plugins are no longer available on I’m now recommending the Caldera Forms plugin for contact forms. Here’s why and some tips on using it. versus versus

If you’re new to WordPress you might be dismayed to find that there are two WordPress websites, and Both sites provide resources for people that want WordPress blogs or websites. The key differences are hosting and restrictions.


Big Changes Coming in WordPress 5

WordPress 5 is scheduled to be released this year.  It’s NOT a typical release.  It contains one change that’s causing a huge amount of debate.  WordPress 5 will replace the editor with an entirely new system.