wordpress.org versus wordpress.com

WordPress.com versus WordPress.org

If you’re new to WordPress you might be dismayed to find that there are two WordPress websites, WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Both sites provide resources for people that want WordPress blogs or websites. The key differences are hosting and restrictions.


Big Changes Coming in WordPress 5

WordPress 5 is scheduled to be released this year.  It’s NOT a typical release.  It contains one change that’s causing a huge amount of debate.  WordPress 5 will replace the editor with an entirely new system.

WordPress Land

Report from WordPress Land – March 30th Edition

I’ve had an interesting few weeks.  Just when I get a handle on one issue, another one pops up. Most of the issues affect contact forms.  I have notes on the specifics below, but no matter what, it’s always a good idea to test your contact form on a regular basis. SiteGround Hosting – I […]

WP Cerber

A Word of Caution about Cerber Security & Antispam

I use, and recommend that my clients use, the Cerber Security and Antispam WordPress plugin.  The plugin author is very serious about website security as you can see by the photo he uses for his plugin.  That’s Cerberus, the multi-headed dog. Cerber offers serious protection for WordPress websites.  The plugin is also well supported, as […]


Mystery File – ssv3_directory.php

In a recent security scan of a client’s site we found a mystery file located at the root of the WordPress installation. It’s a ssv3_directory.php file. A little Internet research lead me to believe that it’s a file that BlueHost installs. So I started asking some questions . . .

WordPress Website Owner's Manual

Free WordPress Manual

From today through 1/13/2018 the 2016 version of my book is free. Yep, you heard it right. You can get the WordPress Website Owner’s Manual for free!


Free Photo Source – Kaboompics

I just found another source of free stock photos.  Kaboompics provides high-quality photos.  Each photo is free for commercial use and comes with a color palette.