Big Changes Coming in WordPress 5

WordPress 5 is scheduled to be released this year.  It’s NOT a typical release.  It contains one change that’s causing a huge amount of debate.  WordPress 5 will replace the editor with an entirely new system.


Mystery File – ssv3_directory.php

In a recent security scan of a client’s site we found a mystery file located at the root of the WordPress installation. It’s a ssv3_directory.php file. A little Internet research lead me to believe that it’s a file that BlueHost installs. So I started asking some questions . . .

WordPress Website Owner's Manual

Free WordPress Manual

From today through 1/13/2018 the 2016 version of my book is free. Yep, you heard it right. You can get the WordPress Website Owner’s Manual for free!


Free Photo Source – Kaboompics

I just found another source of free stock photos.  Kaboompics provides high-quality photos.  Each photo is free for commercial use and comes with a color palette. 

Google Security Warning

Do You Need a SSL Certificate?

In October people using the Chrome browser will see warning messages in the URL bar on website pages with forms unless the pages are HTTPS. 

Free Photo Source

Free Photo Source – Unsplash

Finding photos for website posts and designs can be hard. And then there’s the cost issue. Learn about a website that offers great photos for free.