Style Tester

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to quickly test and evaluate the various elements of a website design? I thought so and so I figured out a way to do it. Check out this free tool!Read More →


Last week I worked on an old WordPress theme that had information hard-coded into it. There were tables, images and included files all coded directly into the WordPress theme itself. While the site owner could update pages and posts he couldn’t update the site menu.Read More →

Celia Griffin, CPA, CDFA

If you need help with divorce financial analysis, tax preparation services, or business bookkeeping services, you can turn to Celia Griffin for help. Her motto is, “What you can measure, you can manage.” When Celia needed help with her website, she turned to me.  She had a hand-coded website that wasn’t mobile friendly.Read More →


Recently I received an email from a customer.  She was dismayed that all the icons on her post editor were gone. Instead of seeing the normal visual editor, she saw a white box with no controls.  What happened? I looked at the usual suspects, the plugins and the themes.  But withRead More →


I recently got an email from a customer. Let’s call her Customer A. She had been approached by someone who was going to get her tons and tons of business. We establish your online business presence by Listing and Validating your business listing on three of the largest and most popularRead More →


Anyone who’s had a WordPress lesson from me has heard about the kitchen sink. It’s an icon on your post/page editor that controls the visibility of the second row of editing icons. Back in 2008 the second row of icons was added to WordPress. However to see it took someRead More →


XSitePro was released in 2004.  The software helped people create websites easily and quickly.  It was popular for a while.  Sadly, they closed their doors ten years later. Why? The head of the company, Paul Smithson, wrote a blog post giving 12 reasons for closing the company. Most of the reasonsRead More →


I love working with WordPress, but it does need some maintenance now and again.  WordPress software, plugins and even themes need to be updated periodically. Keeping your software current helps to keep hackers out and your WordPress installation running smoothly. That’s why I’ve started a quarterly update service.  What’s included? Read More →