I was reminding another customer about renewing their domain name yesterday.  This brought up the question of how much is a domain name worth on the open market. Domain names are assets just like a car or a piece of property.  While domain names are reserved or “rented” for aRead More →

Have you ever noticed that your website looks different on someone else’s computer?  It’s not wildly different but it’s just not the same.  The colors might be darker or lighter.  Maybe you can’t see as much of the home page without scrolling down.  The font might even look like it’sRead More →

It happened again yesterday.  A client sent me an email asking if I had any idea what had happened to her website.  I took a look and discovered that her domain name had expired.  As I explained in yesterday’s blog, domain names are unique names or address for websites.  TheseRead More →

questions for website developeer

Before websites were around “above the fold” was a newspaper term. It meant the part of the newspaper that you could see when it was folded in half. So above the fold used to mean what was on the front page of the newspaper above the fold line. For websitesRead More →

E-mail injection. Even the name sounds vile doesn’t it? In an e-mail injection attack spammers use forms on YOUR website to send out their spam. The basic idea is that a spammer, let’s call him Lousy Larry, finds a form on your website. It could be anything from a contactRead More →

Websites 101

A web host is a company that provides server space for the files that make up your website. The servers (also known as really big computers) are attached to the Internet. 

Have you ever been trying to buy something with PayPal or trying to login to a site when things just won’t work right? You click on help and there it is. “Clear all cookies from your machine and try again.” What is a cookie? How in the world do youRead More →

Search engines are important to the success of your website. There’s no doubt about that. But how do search engines work? How do website owners get their sites to show up? Do website owners have to pay for listings? What a Search Engine Does Some of the most popular searchRead More →