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What to Ask a Website Developer

Are you dreading the first meeting with your potential website developer? Here’s a list of information for you to give them as well as a list of questions.

Ask the website developer

Ask The Website Developer – Why Linux?

A client is thinking about moving her WordPress site to a hosting company that has both Linux and Windows servers. We were talking about the issue and I told her to be sure and get the Linux plan if she decides to move her site. Just curious, why do you prefer Linux? She wanted to […]

Ask The Website Developer – Does SEO Magic Exist?

I recently got an email from a customer. Let’s call her Customer A. She had been approached by someone who was going to get her tons and tons of business. We establish your online business presence by Listing and Validating your business listing on three of the largest and most popular online business listing services: Google+ […]

Ask the website developer

Ask the Website Developer – What is Private Registration?

One of my customers received a call from GoDaddy recently.  They wanted her to sign up for private domain name registration.  My client had one question.  “What the heck is private registration?” Let’s look at “regular” registration first.  It’s an organized system where people get exclusive use of domain names for a period of time.  […]