Are you one of those people who works a nine-to-five job during the week and during the weekend tries to do a week’s worth of work on your own blog?  If so, here’s some inspiration. Your blog is a tool to break through the established structure of this world, aRead More →

WordPress makes adding pages and posts easy.  However don’t forget the important step of editing your posts before you publish!  Be sure to check these five things before you click the publish button. Spelling – WordPress comes with a built-in spell check.  Be sure to use it.  Typos happen toRead More →

I was watching an old episode of The Office on Netflix and saw this episode. Too funny! Seriously though, if you’d like a blog I’d be pleased to discuss the project with you. Just contact me and you’ll see how easy it is to have an online presence.

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I’m really happy when people leave comments on my blog.  And I always mean to reply, but sometimes I get busy.  Pat Flynn reminds us why it’s important to respond to comments in 5 Reasons Why You Should Respond to Every Comment.

Wait, why don’t you check out the 2016 blog post on this subject instead?  Are you planning a vacation this summer, but would like to keep your blog running while you’re away?  No worries.  WordPress allows you to schedule publishing dates for posts in advance. The first step is to logRead More →

Heather Armstrong’s blog is very popular.  How popular is it?  In 2008 ABC estimated that Heather earned over $40,000 per month from her blog.  Per month! She has over 1,500,000 Twitter followers!   That much social media pull can be very useful.  Very useful indeed,  if you have a brandRead More →

Can you make a living on the Internet?  If so, how do you do it?  eBooks?  AdSense?  Affiliate programs? Take a look at how one blogger, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, does it. How I Earn Money Blogging [April 2010 Stats] from Darren Rowse on Vimeo.