Do you ever have a problem remembering your great blogging ideas? I sure do. Sometimes I’ll be at the grocery store when the perfect idea for my next post pops into my head. Two days later when I sit down to write all I can remember is that I hadRead More →

WordPress blogs come with an area known as a blogroll. A blogroll is just hi-tech lingo for a list of links. WordPress comes with sample links installed. You’ll probably want to take those out and put in a list of links of your own. You do that by logging intoRead More →

“Why do we care about Technorati?” This was a comment in regard to my recent post on Technorati features. While Technorati is interesting it might be more of a falling star than a force to be reckoned with. In 2006 Technorati won the SXSW awards for Best Technical Achievement andRead More →

Say you’re going to be on vacation but you want to keep your blog going while you’re away. You have the posts ready. If only there was a way to schedule your post so that it would be published automatically at a later date. It’s your lucky day! What youRead More →

As my blog grows in popularity so does the amount of comment spam that I receive. I know that comment spam is generated by computers but I can’t fail to notice that the computers seem to perversely enjoy sending comment spam on articles relating to fighting comment spam. 🙂 GoRead More →

There was one aspect of WordPress that I had a rough time with at first. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to add a photo. Like anything else in life once you know how it’s easy. Log into WordPress and begin to write a page orRead More →

“What in the world is going on with my contact form?” one of my customers recently asked me. She stated she was getting weird emails. I suspected it was email injection but after she forwarded me an example I knew we were dealing with comment spam. Comment spam developed whenRead More →