WordPress Website Owner's Manual

If you publish a book on CreateSpace and get a content validation request you’ll probably have a lot of questions. I know I did! However, I could never find any official documentation on the process. So here’s what happened to me.

Tools and Resources for Authors

Several of my clients are authors.  As a publisher of three literary websites, I share a special kinship with them. So here’s a list of tools and resources especially for authors. BookFunnel – Do you want to give a free story or novel away when people sign up for your newsletter?  BookFunnel isRead More →

Book Publishing on Amazon

Amazon has some tools to help you publish your book in Kindle or print format. Their process and technical know-how makes it really easy to sell your book online. I took a look into the issue and found some pros and cons to publishing with Amazon. Pros to Publishing on AmazonRead More →