Heather Armstrong’s blog dooce.com is very popular.  How popular is it?  In 2008 ABC estimated that Heather earned over $40,000 per month from her blog.  Per month! She has over 1,500,000 Twitter followers!   That much social media pull can be very useful.  Very useful indeed,  if you have a brandRead More →

Can you make a living on the Internet?  If so, how do you do it?  eBooks?  AdSense?  Affiliate programs? Take a look at how one blogger, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, does it. How I Earn Money Blogging [April 2010 Stats] from Darren Rowse on Vimeo.

The Simple Dollar is a financial website that I visit every day.  I’m not alone.  This blog is so popular that it gets about a million visitors a day.  That’s some serious traffic! This is an interesting situation on so many levels.  Trent Hamm, the author of The Simple Dollar,Read More →

Wife in the North is a blog that was so popular that Judith O’Reilly, aka “the wife”, was offered a book deal.  The blog chronicles Judith’s life as she adjusts from her posh life in London to living in country of Northumberland.  The book, as well as the blog, isRead More →

This is the second part of a response to an article on the Wall Street Journal entitled How to Create a Successful Web Site For Nothing (or Almost Nothing). You can see part one of my response here. In part one I analyzed points one through three of the article.Read More →

The Internet is an exciting place.  No matter what your interest there’s bound to be a site just for you.  A case in point is Etsy.  The site is an impressive, online marketplace filled with handmade goods. There are aprons, baskets, jewelry, bookmarks, journals, masks, scarves and countless other items.Read More →

One of the golden rules of website design is to always think about the website user. You want visitors to your site to have a good “user experience”. Sometimes even large companies loose sight of this concept. I had a horrible user experience at ABC’s Dancing With the Stars (DWTS)Read More →

One of the things I love about working with websites is how fast it enables business owners to move. As a case in point is Nuts Online. Last week CBS cancelled the TV show Jericho. Fans of the TV show are protesting and trying to get CBS to reverse thatRead More →