Most of us use email every day.  But just how does it work?  Check out this video see where your message goes after you press send.

I recently had to replace my laptop battery.  It would no longer hold a charge.  After a mere forty five minutes the battery was done.   It charged up again just fine.  Then it was ready for another grueling forty five minute run. The reason for this substandard performance is, believeRead More →

Check out Tech Tips for the Basic Computer User over at The New York Times.  Be sure to look at the comments too.  There’s a lot of great information there.

During the last two weeks I’ve had more than my share of technical problems. The first issue was with my email. It was up and down (mostly down) for two days. Email is something that we all like to complain about but when it stops coming it’s painful. Last FridayRead More →

Recently a customer was seeing a problem with the background of her website. She didn’t see the problem when she used her laptop. She only saw it when she used her office computer. I couldn’t see it at all. Another developer was working with me on the project couldn’t seeRead More →

I’ll be spending a lot of time on the road this summer.  What’s a website developer to do to make sure that she’s safe from evil spammers and hackers when she’s using wifi hotspots? She tries to find a good personal VPN service. I’m using a product from  TheRead More →

An interesting thing happened late last week.  As you may know, I work from home.  Last week we had some problems with the power coming into the house. The power line runs through a neighbor’s tree before it gets to our house.  The line had been resting against a branch.Read More →