Rowland Consulting

Stephanie Rowland is fantastic at her job.  She helps businesses with marketing programs, strategic communications, public relations and a host of other communications related activities. She’s also one of those people that you like from the moment you meet her. Stephanie is funny, smart and easy to talk to.  So I wasRead More →

Franzel Law

One of the things I enjoy about my job is the great people that I get to meet. I feel that way about Ian Franzel, of Franzel Law.  He’s upbeat, pleasant and technically savvy.  He’s also extremely professional and that quality is expressed in the look and feel of hisRead More →

A customer came to me with an Etomite driven website that needed an upgrade. Etomite is a CMS (Content Management System) that helps people maintain and publish their websites.  Etomite isn’t the most difficult system to use, but it’s not really user friendly.  So I convinced the customer to switchRead More →