Ask the website developer

One of my customers received a call from GoDaddy recently.  They wanted her to sign up for private domain name registration.  My client had one question.  “What the heck is private registration?” Let’s look at “regular” registration first.  It’s an organized system where people get exclusive use of domain namesRead More →

I’ve often written about the importance of renewing domain names.  Domain names are registered by the website owner and there’s an annual registration fee.  Once that fee runs out, then another party can register that name. The subject came up recently in the news. Brian McCrary was a disgruntled man. Read More →

Some of my customers have contacted me recently about odd emails that they’ve received.  The emails start out like this:  To comply with the ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) WHOIS policy, we request that you confirm the accuracy of your WHOIS contact information. WHOIS is aRead More →