Note: This page was updated 10/12/2015 Earlier I explained how to prepare for your update by backing up your files.  Now it’s time to actually do the the update.  Are you nervous?  Don’t be.  Updating WordPress is amazingly easy. First, open up the public view of the site in aRead More →

Writing good copy for your website can be tough.  What’s the best way to communicate just what makes your company stand out from the crowd? Here’s a list of ten key points by Alexandria Brown that will help you write effective website copy. Online entrepreneur Alexandria K. Brown publishes theRead More →

This post may be a little off topic but this weekend I faced a problem that some of you may one day face.   I came face to face with something that stopped me cold.   I installed Microsoft Office 2007 and I had a horrible problem.  I couldn’t open the darnedRead More →