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Websites 101 – Domain Names

A domain name is a unique name or address for a website. I recommend registering your domain name with GoDaddy.  That way even if you change website hosts, your domain name registration will be in the same place.


Protect your GoDaddy Account

Yesterday I got a call from a prospective customer who we’ll call “Sam”. Sam told me about how he lost control of five websites hosted with GoDaddy. A hacker broke into Sam’s GoDaddy account and changed all the logins including the WordPress and FTP logins. When Sam realized there was a problem he contacted GoDaddy to try and get […]

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Remember to Renew Your Domain Name

One of the perks of my job is that I can live wherever I want. All I need is an Internet connection. So while I have clients all over the United States, and even a few in other countries, I can live wherever I want.  For a time I lived in Port Townsend, Washington. It’s […]

GoDaddy Down

  GoDaddy is having a massive outage. Early, unconfirmed reports are that the group Anonymous is taking responsibility

Ask the website developer

Ask the Website Developer – What is Private Registration?

One of my customers received a call from GoDaddy recently.  They wanted her to sign up for private domain name registration.  My client had one question.  “What the heck is private registration?” Let’s look at “regular” registration first.  It’s an organized system where people get exclusive use of domain names for a period of time.  […]