Protect your GoDaddy Account

Yesterday I got a call from a prospective customer who we’ll call “Sam”. Sam told me about how he lost control of five websites hosted with GoDaddy. A hacker broke into Sam’s GoDaddy account and changed all the logins including the WordPress and FTP logins. When Sam realized there was a problem he contacted GoDaddy to try and get […]


Hacked Sites

Over the last two weeks I’ve cleared up four hacked sites.  Two of them were at HostMySite and two of them were at BlueHost.  One of them had been maintained regularity and three hadn’t.  Three of them, the ones that weren’t maintained, had been hacked multiple times. Having updated WordPress software and security plugins won’t […]


Three Easy Ways to Keep Your WordPress Site Safe

It’s sad to say, but hackers are a reality of existence for website owners. They use automated systems to attempt to gain access to WordPress control panels and look for outdated software that can be exploited. Luckily there are some things you can do to help keep the bad guys at bay. 1 – Keep […]

The Silver Lining

I spent yesterday afternoon helping a customer who’s WordPress website was hacked.  She’d done everything right.  Her login was not admin.  She had a tough password.   The WordPress software was current.  Despite all these efforts her website was hacked. The website owner emailed me later and asked, “What the heck is the matter with people?”  […]

WordPress Sites Attacked

Yesterday (4/11/2013) hackers staged a massive online attack against websites that use WordPress.  It affected websites and website hosts around the globe. Utilizing a computer network, the hackers attempted break into WordPress dashboards by cracking the login username and password.  This was made easier by the fact that for years the default WP username has […]

Global Attack Against WordPress Installations

Yesterday there was an automated, global attack against WordPress installations.  The attack is against the log in page for WordPress installations.  An automated script is reaching and trying crack the password.  I haven’t yet heard about what the hackers do if they get into sites. What can you do to keep your site safe?  One […]

Scary Sight – Evidence of WordPress Hack Attempts

Today I’m working on a WordPress site that’s running a plugin that tracks all the 404 errors on the site.  A 404 error occurs when someone types in a website address that doesn’t work.  Maybe the page was taken down or maybe the URL changed.  That’s all pretty common.  However I was shocked when I […]

GoDaddy Down

  GoDaddy is having a massive outage. Early, unconfirmed reports are that the group Anonymous is taking responsibility

Has My Website Been Hacked?

An interesting thing happened to one of my customers this week.  She received an email complaining that her website had been hacked and had crashed a visitor’s computer.  It turns out that the site wasn’t hacked, but it was an exciting half an hour. What if you don’t have a website developer?  How can you […]