Yesterday I got a call from a prospective customer who we’ll call “Sam”. Sam told me about how he lost control of five websites hosted with GoDaddy. A hacker broke into Sam’s GoDaddy account and changed all the logins including the WordPress and FTP logins. When Sam realized there was a problem he contactedRead More →


Over the last two weeks I’ve cleared up four hacked sites.  Two of them were at HostMySite and two of them were at BlueHost.  One of them had been maintained regularity and three hadn’t.  Three of them, the ones that weren’t maintained, had been hacked multiple times. Having updated WordPressRead More →

I spent yesterday afternoon helping a customer who’s WordPress website was hacked.  She’d done everything right.  Her login was not admin.  She had a tough password.   The WordPress software was current.  Despite all these efforts her website was hacked. The website owner emailed me later and asked, “What the heckRead More →

Yesterday (4/11/2013) hackers staged a massive online attack against websites that use WordPress.  It affected websites and website hosts around the globe. Utilizing a computer network, the hackers attempted break into WordPress dashboards by cracking the login username and password.  This was made easier by the fact that for yearsRead More →