You have until tomorrow to cast your votes in the 2010 Bloggies competition.  Even if you don’t vote, you’ll want to check it out.  You’ll get ideas for your own blog and find some terrific sites. Many of the nominated blogs relate to food or cooking.  While there is aRead More →

I love the Internet Wayback Machine!  Go to the site and plug in a website URL.  The Wayback machine will then give you a list of dates where it has a snapshot of that website.  It’s not perfect in that the site can be slow and there can be brokenRead More →

Darren Rows, of ProBlogger, has written three articles dealing with making money online using the Associates Program.  Some of Darren’s tips deal specifically with the Amazon program.  However most of the advice in this series applies to anyone trying to make money online. 11 Lessons I Learned Earning $119,725.45Read More →

I hope you’re enjoying a nice three-day weekend. Hopefully you’ve got some time to spare today.  If so, why not spend some of it over at Cake Wrecks.  It won the 2009 bloggie award for best food weblog.  More importantly, it always makes me smile.

What time is it?  Tax time! If you’re like me, you’re running over the financials and making sure that everything is just right  before heading off to talk to your accountant.   Before you go, take a look at the list of 101 tax deductions that Wise Bread put together.  ThereRead More →

Have you noticed the amount of blog contests out there?  They’re fun to enter and some of them give away great prizes. Most of the contests I’ve seen select a random winner from the entries.  How do they do that? Allow me to introduce you to a handy website calledRead More →

The cold and flu season has hit hard here at Perry Internet Consulting.  In addition to a trip to the doctor and a few trips to the drug store, I’ve been using online medical sites.  These sites don’t replace the advice of a physician or pharmacist.  However after a littleRead More →

There’s a website for everything and everyone, that includes people on the fence about who to vote for during the next presidential election.  If you have any doubts (or even just for fun) head on over to ABC’s Match-O-Matic II.  You’ll be presented with a series of quotes on variousRead More →

I found an interesting site the other day that saves me time AND helps the environment in one fell swoop.   Register at and they’ll help you get your name OFF the mailing list of unwanted catalogs. Last Christmas I sent my niece a gift from American Girl.   Bailee lovedRead More →

I hope you all have a great Labor Day!  I’ll be back posting on September 5.  If you have some spare time head on over to and take a personality quiz. Your Friendliness Score is 77 (Very Friendly) You are an amazing friend. Anyone who has you as aRead More →